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Good Morning Sunshine!

The very first thing I do after following my daily hygiene routine is to make my bed, open all the windows, draw the curtains to let some sunshine into my room. Even in winter, I open the windows to let the chill hit my face. Nothing is more blissful than the morning glow. Following after, I take a cold shower, I apply my favorite essential oils as self-therapy inside the shower to wake up my body and spirit. my favorites are; Lavender & lemon oils but of course use what makes your senses happy, I get dressed take my daily dose of vitamins, drink lemon-infused water then eat a light breakfast. Sage, myself to get ready to help others. and the next day do it all over again. Routines are so important for us. To serve others, you need to serve yourself first. Routines Promote Positive Self-Care and Habits daily routines help us to create positive daily habits that promote self-care. We can organize our time around things that we deem important to maintain happiness and feelings of fulfillment.

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